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Join Outreach

Sign up to join a Saturday outreach on our sign up sheet

How to join an outreach

We meet every Saturday at 10 AM at Central Park in Pasadena

We meet along the Dayton St side. Look for the people with wagons.

Every month, we release an outreach sign up sheet. Sign up above.

Can't make it to outreach? No problem!

Other ways to contribute:
  • Make sandwiches for outreach. Any number you can supply is fine! We usually do ~15 for Memorial Park and ~25 for Central. Contact us via Instagram or for questions and to coordinate pick up from one of our volunteers.

    • We've done PB&J, lunch meat and cheese, chickpea salad and even soyrizo. It's up to you what you want to do for sandwiches!​

  • Collect clothes or other items for distribution. Check out our item donation guidelines. Contact us to arrange pick up.

  • Host/organize a hygiene kit build. You could either work with us to have P4A volunteers come out to put together hygiene kits or just put them together yourself or with friends and have us pick them up!

    • Hygiene kit builds can be done in parks!​

Best Practices

Ktown For All is a long-standing grassroots org that we often model ourselves after, including our name. These best practices help us keep outreach safe and effective. It is extremely important that anyone participating in outreach reads and understands the Ktown For All Best Practices for a successful outreach.

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